Neighbors On A Second Earth? It’s Possible!

Proxima Centauri, which is the closest star to us, has several unrevealed secrets that are held by it. Proxima Centauri is orbited by a planet which is rocky and which is very similar to Earth. There are possibilities that this could even harbor life. This planet is named as Proxima b and is just four light years away, and in terms of astronomy, this is considered almost like being next door. This is in an area called the Goldilocks Zone. In this the temperatures are mild, and water can remain liquid.
In the recent years, there have been hundreds of exoplanets which have the possibility of harboring life, but this is by far the closest.

In order to reach this planet, it would take more than thirty thousand years, but scientists feel that an ultra-modern spacecraft could reach it within the time frame of a human life and they feel that mechanized probes could be sent to Proxima B in the future. In fact, in the distant future, there are possibilities that space travelers can colonize this planet as well if the surface conditions are survivable. However, what scientists feel is that as this has such proximity to the sun, this could be blasted by ultraviolet rays and X-rays as well.

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