Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance

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Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance

Along with air conditioning repair, Ralph’s Same Day HVAC also offers you an AC tune up. We understand that living in Florida means living under the sun almost all year round, and properly functioning air conditioners are a must. With regular servicing and maintenance, you will reduce the number of repairs needed for your malfunctioning unit. Proper maintenance can also help reduce the cost of your utility bill, and save you money. Same Day HVAC services will provide you an AC tune up in the greater Orlando, Florida area including Orlando, Windermere, Winter Park, Kissimmee and Altamonte Springs, as well as the surrounding towns and cities. Simply call today to speak to our customer service team members that are ready to pair you up with one of our skilled technicians to satisfy all of you air conditioning needs. Contact us at @
By contacting US Same Day Appliance and HVAC Repair, you will receive all of the following as a customer:

A two hour service period for our technicians to arrive and accurately diagnose any malfunctioning appliance or AC Tune Up. We will not have you waiting long for any of our technicians.
We are trained using all major factory brands in the HVAC industry, and therefore an AC Tune Up and repairs come easy for our technicians.
Honest assessment with skillful and thorough repairs.
Licensed and insured air conditioning technicians.
A one year warranty on all parts and labor.
Air Conditioning services 7 days a week with both day and evening appointments available


In case you are still on the fence about getting a AC Tune Up, then continue reading below to see some additional reasons why an AC Tune Up makes sense.
An AC Tune Up allows for Improved Energy Efficiency

After several months of regular use, air ducts start to accumulate layers of dust. If you don’t have a regular AC Tune Up – your air ducts will continue to accumulate more layers of dust which will interfere with your air conditioner where it won’t be able to continue providing clear cool air. Like any other mechanical device, an air conditioner needs regular maintenance like an AC Tune Up in order to continue to operating efficiently. A regular maintenance call like AC duct cleaning or an AC Tune Up will remove the dust and ensure energy efficient operation of your air conditioning / HVAC unit.
An AC Tune Up allows for Cleaner Home

Every time your air conditioner turns on, it gets a little further away from the last time you had regular maintenance performed and. Without regular maintenance like an inexpensive AC Tune Up, you allow time to begin to win the battle of wear and tear. It is very important to stay ahead of the deterioration power curve and take good care of your air conditioner / HVAC unit by calling Ralph’s for an AC Tune Up. Think of this AC Tune Up in the same manner as a regular oil change for your vehicle and you will definitely get the most out of your air conditioner / HVAC unit.
An AC Tune Up allows for Cleaner, Healthier Air

During the summer months, respiratory problems can make breathing difficult for many people. If you’re not conducting regular maintenance on your air conditioner / HVAC unit by having regular duct cleaning or getting an AC Tune Up, then that build up of dust coupled with the drop in efficiency in the running of your air conditioner will make those breathing problems worse. Make sure you call Ralph now to schedule your next duct cleaning and AC Tune Up.
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With our expertise in the Air Conditioning Repair industry and our trained technicians, we will make sure all of our customers’ individual needs are fully met! Ralph provides Appliance, Air Conditioning and Heating Repair service in the San Antonio area’s. More information here

Artificial Human Skin For Cosmetic-Testing

At MatTek every Monday, boxes after boxes which are maintained at 39 degrees are loaded. These boxes contain dime sized pieces of human skin! Each of these pieces is in plastic dishes, and it adds up to around two adult humans worth of skin.

This skin though is not got from people, but it is harvested by MatTek. They grow their own skin and then sell it to those companies that need it. The companies that need human skin are those that deal in laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaners, makeup, tanning lotion as well as anti-ageing creams.

If this skin was not produced in such large quantities, the companies would have been forced to test their products on animals, especially rabbits.

This growing of human skin is being done by MatTek as well as a subsidiary of L’Oreal which is known as Episkin. This is great as not only is it ethical but also it is practical, and it simulates human skin better than animals can.

XCellR8 is a company that tests these products for brands such as Lush Cosmetics. These use skin from MatTek. However, to the naked eye, this skin does not even look like human skin. It resembles circles of clear jello which is less than a fifth of a millimeter.

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Chuck, The First New Album In 38 Years, Is Out!

The Godfather of Rock Chuck Berry has come out with an album after hibernating for 38 years. In fact, he turned 90 on the 18th October and came out with an album Rock It. Chuck. This is made by Dualtone Records, and it consists of original as well as new songs which were recorded, written as well as produced by him.

He dedicated the record to his wife of 68 years, Themetta “Toddy” Suggs. In fact, the album features the backing group of his hometown and his children as well – Charles Berry Junior who plays the guitar and Ingrid Berry who plays the harmonica. Jimmy Marsala who was his bassist of 40 years is featured in the album as well as Robert Lohr on the piano and Keith Robinson on the drums. The latter 2 supported him for more than 20 years.

In 2012 when there was a tribute concert held at the Rock and Roll Hall Museum and Hall of Fame, Berry said that he had some songs which were written more than two decades ago which he was ready to start preparing for release. However, he did not reveal much about the songs during that time, and he was still contemplating his future.

Berry was one of the few people to be inducted first into the Rock Hall in 1986, and it is said that he kick-started the era of Rock with Maybellene which was in 1955. It is said that after Elvis, perhaps Chuck Berry is the one who has had more influence on the development and formation of rock and roll.

Berry is known for his duck walk which is the one legged stage scoot as well as hits where he talked to kids about records, cars, dancing, girls, guitars, DJs, and jukeboxes.
His birthday coincided with the 30th anniversary of the rockumentary called Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock n Roll.

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